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At American Services AR, we pride ourselves on having the most professional and experienced team of handymen and technicians available for all of your residential or commercial property needs. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a Conway, AR, or Little Rock, AR, property, and we’re here to help with all of your air conditioning repair, lawn care, exterior cleaning, and other property maintenance services.

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We strive to be fair in our pricing and honest in everything we do. We live and work in your neighborhood and see our work as a way to serve our community. Each of our trained staff members arrives on time, works efficiently, and won’t leave until the job is done right. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and build relationships with clients for life.

Pressure Washing, Commercial and Residential Property Maintenance by American Services AR - Serving Conway, Little Rock and Maumelle

Pressure and Soft Washing

The necessity for pressure and soft washing is one of those things that can creep up on you. One day you're just going about your business and it hits you. You look at the scum built up on your patio and realize that you are desperately in need of a pressure wash.

Where can you turn too for quick and affordable services from an experienced crew? Turn to us! American Services AR has the adaptability you need for your individual project.

Whether you need pressure washing, soft washing, or even roof washing, we have you covered.

Pressure Washing

Over the years, grit and grime can build up immensely on anything from wood decks to pavement driveways. That's why our regular pressure washing services are so highly requested. We help our clients reduce long-term staining or damage on patios, walkways, or driveways. We even help with retaining walls with our affordable and efficient regular pressure washing.

In addition to regular cleaning, our services can be a great way to prep wood material surfaces for projects like priming, painting, and staining. If you are DIY-minded and want to re-do your wood deck or property fence yourself, we can get you started with a blank slate.

Moreover, our powerful, yet safe pressure wash solvents and solutions strip away years of tough grime so that you can easily lacquer on a new layer without trapping the textured dirt beneath. Our solvent removes dirt and foreign matter easily without harming your plants or doing damage to your lawn. We use environmentally-friendly ingredients that even protect the longevity of your home by skipping the harsh chemicals.

Soft Washing

What can soft washing do? Well, where the pressurized water may be great for decks and driveways, this low-pressure chemical soft washing is better suited to sensitive siding and roofs. It is safe for the siding material, roof, gutters, and the environment.

Soft washing offers much less harsh cleaning than a pressure washing, which can be beneficial for certain building materials. This is what makes it an ideal choice for specifically roofs, siding, and gutters.

Roof Washing

Our roof services involve a low-pressure chemical soft washing with ingredients that promote longevity. The solvents don't do harm to your roofing as they break down mold and mildew, and they are safe for the environment as well.

The roofing and gutters, if not cleaned regularly with services like this, can begin to erode as a result of the dirt and algae buildup. This can end up meaning a massive repair or replacement rather than a simple cleaning. Protect the longevity of your roof and gutters with our safe solvents.

Window Cleaning

Did you know that you can have your windows cleaned with environmentally-friendly products?

Our company utilizes the best current solvents that prevent damage to both your property and the environment. They are even pet-safe to prevent allergy or toxicity. Our solutions don't wear on paint or other materials. They provide a clean, beautiful shine when used by one of our masterful cleaning team members.

Use our comprehensive window cleaning services for any level of your home, whether it's the bottom or the top. No matter what kind of window and where it's located in the home or business, our professional staff can create the stunning glimmer of your newly cleaned windows.

Pool Maintenance

Pools need intricate maintenance to keep them clean and sanitary. Our maintenance makes pool ownership a breeze. We offer residential pool maintenance for homes with small, medium, and large pools.

Our expert staff can test your pool's chemical levels to ensure that its chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and more are where they should be. We schedule and price according to whether it is swimming season or offseason.

Landscape and Lawn Care

Our expert designers can transform and rejuvenate any lawn. Go from the same tired bushes to feel like walking outside is entering a beautiful oasis with a little landscaping and lawn care work.

One big element of keeping a clean lawn is trees and what they tend to drop to clutter up your yard. Leaves, branches, and more can make the lawn look unkempt. Use our leaf removal and lawn care service to reduce clutter. We will take the debris off the property and get rid of it for you. In addition to lawn care, we also provide expert landscaping options. We can handle everything from hedge trimming to flower and plant knowledge.

Our equipment, experience, and dedication make us the perfect team to transform your space. We have a wealth of experience on both large and small properties, so rest assured that when you call us with a project, we are prepared.

Areas of Service:

We are proud to live and work in the Conway, AR, and Little Rock, AR communities. Our honor is to serve our community and provide the much-needed household and commercial building services to Arkansas locals.

Conway, AR

Is one of the best places to live in the state of Arkansas, and it’s no wonder why. This suburban area is full of young professionals and families enjoying the strong community spirit, great school systems, and family-friendly recreation options.

Located just about 30 minutes from the city of Little Rock, Conway, AR is just far enough away to be quiet yet connected from the city's excitement and activity.

We serve residences and businesses of the Conway, AR, area to preserve our community's beauty and help out our neighbors with much-needed home and commercial services.

Whether you’ve been a Conway, AR, native all your life, or you're new to the area, we’re proud to be your neighborhood service provider and are happy to help make your life a bit easier.

Little Rock, AR and North Little Rock, AR

Is both the capital city of Arkansas and the top vacation spot in the state. Little Rock has so much to offer, from the restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, to the above-average public schools for families.

Located just south of the Arkansas River, Little Rock is near our state's geographical center and makes the perfect location for our capital. It serves as a center for government, economics, culture, and transportation for the entire state and is a big part of the true heartbeat of Arkansas.

Whether you love boating, are more of a hiker, or prefer to spend time in historic districts and museums, there’s something for everyone that comes to Little Rock and North Little Rock, AR.

If you’re a Little Rock, AR, business owner, or resident, put your property in the best hands by making American Services AR your go-to for any residential or commercial property needs.

Maumelle, AR

Is a small town located just northwest of Little Rock, AR, and borders the north shore of the Arkansas River. Maumelle is small but mighty, boasting two gorgeous recreational lakes (Lake Valencia andLake Willastein) and one of the most extensive bike trail systems in the state.

Maumelle is a quiet place to live or work, but your property is still susceptible to the same decay and debris over time if it is not properly maintained. American Services AR is your go-to company for any Maumelle residential or commercial services!

Need Residential or Commercial Property Maintenance Services in Little Rock, AR?

American Services AR is happy to provide quick, pleasant, and effective work for the greater Little Rock, AR, area. Our friendly staff can answer any of your questions, learn more about your property, and offer you a free quote.